1976 Gallery "O", Athens
1978 Gallery "DE GREEF", Brussels
1978 Gallery "ZYGOS", Athens
1981 Gallery "ZYGOS", Athens
1982 Gallery "YAKINTHOS", Athens
1983 Gallery "ZYGOS", Athens
1987 Gallery "YAKINTHOS", Athens
1991 Gallery "YAKINTHOS", Athens
1992 Gallery "K", London
1994 Gallery "TITANIUM", Athens
2000 Hermoupolia, Syros



1963 Civilization Athens Club Exhibition
1972 4th Nationwide Youth Exhibition
1973 5th Nationwide Youth Exhibition
1975 Panhellenios
1975 1st Young Artists’ Meeting, Gallery "ORA"
1976 7th International Exhibition Basel - Switzerland
1976 "Art without Borders No 1", Gallery "O", Athens
1976 "Art without Borders No 2", Gallery "O", Athens
1977 "Art without Borders", Gallery "O", Athens
1978 National Cultural Movement, Cultural Centre of Athens
1978 "Summary of 1978", Gallery "ZYGOS", Athens
1979 "Papastrateia" Gallery "ZYGOS", Agrinio
1979 Gallery "MEDUSA", Athens
1981 "Summary of 1981", Gallery ZYGOS, Athens
1983 Gallery ARGO, Athens
1983 "Summary of 1983-1984", Gallery ZYGOS, Athens
1984 "Image, Abstraction, Object", National Gallery, Athens/td>
1984 "Diversity" Gallery "ZYGOS", Athens
1985 Gallery "ANTENOR", Athens
1985 "Art Space - Theatricality", "MEGARO KOULOURA" of Paleo Faliro
1985 "Form and Fantasy in the colour world", Italian Educational Institute of Thessaloniki
1986 "Figures and Portraits", Gallery "YAKINTHOS", Athens
1988 "Paintings for a table", Municipal Gallery of Athens
1989 Gallery "ASTROLAVOS", Athens
1989 "For a painting of the imaginary" - "Five Greek surrealist painters", Gallery "ASTROLAVOS", Athens
1989 "6+6" Bicentenaire de la Révolution Française, Athènes, Nîmes, Paris
1989 Lycée Léonin
1991 Festival Makrinitsas, "ARHONTIKO PANDORA"
1992 "Painting in Postwar Greece", Municipal Gallery of Patra
1993 Museum GIORGIO DE CHIRICO, Volos
1993 European Cultural Centre of Delphi - Ministry of Culture "Points in Greek painting", Collection Costas Ioannides
19993 Festival Makrinitsas, "ARHONTIKO MOUSLI"
1993 Tribute to Engonopoulos, Tower of Marcellus - Aegina
1993 "International Lithography Exhibition", Basel - Switzerland
1994 "L 'art contre l'arme de la faim", Museum KOTOPOULI, Athens
1994 Gallery "ADAM", Paros
1994 Greek artists EX LIBRIS, Gallery "YAKINTHOS", Athens
1994 Municipal Gallery Rhodes, Collection Costas Ioannides
1996 "Surrealism - the Greek dimension", Gallery "TITANIUM", Athens
1996 "Fall Art Trilogy - M. Makroulakis, Th. Manolides, Th. Pantaleon", "MAGNA" Gallery, Athens
1997 "Kites", "ASTROLAVOS" Gallery, Athens
1998 "Images of the Sea" - "Contemporary Greek Artists", "PIERIDES" Gallery, Athens
2009 "Resist", organized by UNICEF, MEGARON MOUSIKIS, Athens
2009 "Beyond Real - Echoes of Surrealism in Greece", Municipal Gallery of Chania, Crete
2011 "Sea Lands", Hermoupolia 2011, Syros
2013 "Karas - Pantaleon - Sorogas", "IN ART" GALLERY, Trikala