AENIGMA (trailer)

Official trailer:

'A 10-minute 3D animation by Antonis Doussias & Aris Fatouros inspired by the paintings of Theodoros Pantaleon.'


Script, Direction: Antonis Doussias & Aris Fatouros
Produced by: Steficon - Michael Sarantinos
Executive Producer: Maria Kontogianni
Original Music, Sound Design: Marios Aristopoulos
Art direction, Animation, Editing Antonis Doussias
Assistant Animator: Nadia Zervakou
Vocals: Anna Linardou, Tassos Apostolou
Sound Mixing: Kostas Varympopiotis
Creative Producer: Aris Fatouros
In Co-Production with: Christos Gartaganis,
Panos Bisdas - AUTHORWAVE,
Kyriakos Chatzimichailidis - t-shOrt

Distribution Feelgood Entertainment

With the kind support of ΕRΤ, the Greek Film Center and the J.F. Costopoulos Foundation. Sponsored by Plaisio

© 2016 - Steficon


A 3D requiem to Form, Feminine-Goddess, eternal Eve, Art. From idealization and sacred worship to delectation and insemination, to transformation and reproduction, to deterioration and decay, to desecration and vandalizing, to condemnation and subjugation, to the fall into timeless erebus. To the dream of regeneration.


The ten-minute long surrealistic 3D AENIGMA originated from the cinematic outfall of fine painting and essays to portrait how a par excellence conjectural motion picture stirs emotion and thrills. We’re altogether delving deep into the uncharted domain of conjectural dramaturgy, where exploration preconditions some serious experimentation, inspiration and luck. It is a field ruled by the poetic codes of painting, escaping, daydreaming, introspection, coherent association, insight, ambiguity, intuition and an overbearing surrealistic call for inner expression, emancipation of spiritual forces and the complete bringing down of any dividing screen between conscious and subconscious, between dream and reality.


Best Animation Award - International Short Film Festival in Drama 2016

Special Mention For Creative and Technical Achievement - National Short Film Festival in Drama 2016